Control console

The control console radio network It is an application for Windows, to be installed on a client's Windows PC. This application allows a great variety of functionalities for a wide management of your communications network.

It is easy to use and offers the user, in a very graphical way, the status of all the connected terminals. The interface is fully customizable and can be adapted to meet the customer's needs.

Control console features

  • Position of users in real time
  • Temporary groups
  • List of members of the different groups and status of each
  • Local recording of conversations
  • Listening to historical recordings
  • Call list management
  • Remote deactivation / activation of users
  • GPS, geofences and tracking
  • Sending individual messages and groups
  • Google Maps
  • It does not include the hardware (computer) on which the Dispatcher will be installed. The characteristics of said computer will be provided to the CLIENT

The control console connects to the server radio network through an IP connection