SERVICE: The service is provided with User Equipment, as described in these Particular Conditions and includes a SIM card for electronic communications. Taxes and application fees will be added to the following prices.

Type 1 Portable Equipment

One year contract€ 25 / month (*)
Two-year contract€ 20 / month (*) (includes battery change to the second year) 
Three-year contract

€ 16,9 / month (*) (includes battery change for the second and third years)

 Equipment type 2 Mobile (**)

One year contract€ 28 / month (*)
Two-year contract€ 22 / month (*)
Three-year contract
€ 17,9 / month (*)

(*) Minimum quantity required

(**) Does not include installation, which will be priced separately.

Consult other contract durations.

Other services:

Control console: € 12 / month

Control console configuration: € 250,00 per 100 users

(It is optional, it would be free of charge if the CLIENT configures their own system)

Radio intercom (Gateway):  950 €

All prices are without VAT

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